About us


The name of the project (Bringing – Taking) refers to that the two target groups, namely the students of the University of Debrecen and the Roma young people of Álmosd and Bagamér shall conduct intercultural conversation through jointly organized and realized development and recreational programs. Results of the collective work shall be presented in largely attended events. The program is based on three pillars: 1. Interactive workshops focusing on the problems of the Romas, development opportunities and everyday challenges shall be organized for students of institutions of higher education (especially for those who study social science). These workshops shall contribute to shape the attitude of the coming intellectuals and strengthen their commitment to that issue. The events shall have a recruiting function as well, since we aim to involve 50-60 students in the coordination of the project components. 2. Development of the large Roma communities living in the disadvantageous micro-region (Derecske-Létavértes micro-region, District of Nyíradony) as well as the improvement of the individuals of the said groups and strengthening their identity shall contribute to reduce the marginalisation, the rise of the living standards and the decrease of the social conflicts. In order to achieve the objects community development shall be launched among the local youth. A course called “Ideals” shall be organized in which life of successful Roma and non-Roma individuals shall be presented. Furthermore within the framework of a research the history, traditions of the Roma population of the region shall be studied. The result shall be accessible on a thematic homepage. A talent point shall be established as well which shall aim to help increasingly the local young people in managing their talents. To this end competency development courses, career orientation trainings moreover with the contribution of university students and non-governmental organizations, mentor programs and exhibitions shall be organized. 3. Last year the Campus Festival had 80000 visitors, while 5000 visitors took part in the Zamat Spirit- and Double Sausage Festival, thus these can be considered as iconic events of the county seat. The visitors shall be able to get familiar with the Roma culture as well as productions of Roma artists, and local talented ones in the Roma tent which shall be set in the Civil Agora of the Campus Festival. In the Zamat Festival, beside the Roma music and dance shows, the visitor shall become acquainted with the gastronomic traditions and traditional handicraft. At least 300-300 visitors expected for the events planned in Álmosd, thus these project components shall be suitable for the reduction of the prejudice existing on both sides. These events shall be organized with tradition establishing purpose, the successful realization shall approach a public at large. The project components based upon these pillars shall provide shape of the attitude on a large scale, the improvement of the Roma communities with their active participation, increase of the social solidarity, creation of new channels of dialogues, scholarly processing of the issue and development of disadvantageous region. Most of the project components shall be realized as the voluntary cooperation of young people and ngos, which shall provide opportunity for active networking, by this contribute to the maintenance of the results of the project.